This is no mere GT. This is the world's first super tourer.





0-62 MPHS





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Official government fuel consumption figures in litres/100km (mpg) for the Aston Martin DBX: WLTP Low 23.2 (12.2); WLTP Medium 13.6 (20.8); WLTP High 12 (23.5); WLTP Extra High 13.4 (21.1); WLTP Combined 14.3 (19.8). WLTP CO2 Emissions 323 g/km (NEDC Combined CO2 - for information only 269 g/km). Urban RDE trip NOx 85.8 mg/km, PN 9e11; Complete RDE trip NOx 85.8 mg/km, PN 9e11. PEMS ID: 09-SCF-0011-0; TA Number: e9*715/2007*2018/1832AP*1759*00.

Figures are intended for comparability purposes. The fuel consumption you achieve under real life driving conditions and the CO2 produced will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted after registration, driving style, climate conditions and vehicle load.

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