1. Introduction:
1.1. Welcome to the Auotart Group website (hereinafter: "the Website") operated by Auotart (I.L)
Ltd. Reg. No. 515027068, located at 25 Mashkit Street, Herzliya (hereinafter: "the Website
Management" and/or "the Company" and/or “Autoart”).
1.2. Any use of the Website constitutes agreement to this agreement, including the terms and
restrictions contained herein; therefore, you are requested to read them carefully. If you disagree
with the terms, you are asked to refrain from visiting and using the Website.
1.3. The agreement may change from time to time, and users are required to review the agreement
each time they enter the site. Browsing and/or using the Website in any way constitutes consent to
the agreement's terms and a commitment to act accordingly. It is emphasized that the agreement
constitutes a legally binding contract for all purposes and obligates users to all their website uses.

2. Information on the Website:
2.1. The information, descriptions, images, data, and vehicle specifications appearing on this site
may not necessarily perfectly match the vehicles displayed on the site, and their presentation is for
reference purposes only. Systems, accessories, and details shown in photos and/or descriptions on
the Website may not necessarily be included in the specifications of the displayed vehicles and may
not necessarily be offered as a purchasing option.
2.2. The Company makes efforts to present the most accurate and up-to-date information, but it
does not guarantee it. Therefore, Auotart (I.L) Ltd. shall not be liable for the accuracy, completeness,
and correctness of the information on the Website. The Company reserves the right to add, subtract,
correct, or change the site's structure, the information displayed on the site, and the terms of
visiting and using the site at any time and without prior notice. In any case, the information provided
at the Company's showroom prevails over the information displayed on this site.
2.3. The Company may change its privacy policy from time to time to reflect technological, business,
legal, or regulatory changes. In such a case, the changes will be updated in this document and
published on the Website.
The user's continued use of the site after making the changes will signify their consent to these
changes. Therefore, the Company recommends reviewing this privacy policy from time to time.
2.4. The Company reserves the right to change the structure of the site, including the services, their
scope, availability, the site's appearance, and any other aspect related to them, without the need to
inform you in advance. Such changes will be made, among other reasons, considering the dynamic
nature of the Internet and the technological and other changes occurring in the field. As a result,
such changes may initially involve some inconvenience. The Company shall not be held responsible
for the performance of the changes mentioned above and/or the occurrence of any malfunctions
related to their implementation.
2.5. The Company does not undertake that the site's services will not be interrupted, will be
provided as usual or without interruptions, will be error-free, and will be immune from unauthorized
access to the Company's computers or from damages, impairments, malfunctions, or faults in

hardware, software, communication lines, and communication systems, either at the Company or by
its providers.
3. Information Collection:
3.1. Personal Information - We limit our requests for basic personal information, such as full name
(first and last), telephone number, and email address.
3.2. We limit the collection of personal information to the minimum necessary to provide you with
the services offered on the Website or through it.

4. Information Protection:
4.1. The information you provide while using the website and its services will be stored in a database
managed according to the law. Its use will be for operational, marketing, vital information retention,
and statistical purposes, including data processing, direct mailing, and communications for
implementing these purposes, subject to legal requirements. You are not obliged to provide this
information according to the law.
4.2. When using the website, it may be necessary to transfer information to suppliers who
implement the action and to third parties involved in the same activity – such as computer service
providers, cloud service providers (data storage), and others. These third parties may receive
information about you, including your IP address from which you connect to the website.

5. Anonymous Information:
5.1. While browsing the website, certain anonymous information may be automatically collected,
such as the name of your internet service provider, your IP address, date of visit, duration of visit,
the pages you visited on the website, and the type of browser used.

6. Violations and Remedies:
6.1. It is agreed that the records of the website and the company's systems constitute legal evidence
as defined in the Law of Evidence [New Version], 5731-1971, and shall be absolute proof of the truth
of their content. Copying the content of the website is not permitted. Among other things, and
without prejudice to any law, publishing, copying, distributing, duplicating, or using the website's
content in any other way is prohibited.

7. Financing:
7.1. The loan for purchasing the vehicle will be subject to the approval of the funding entity and
according to its exclusive discretion.
7.2. The company is not a party to the loan agreement and shall not bear any responsibility towards
the customer regarding the loan agreement. Failure to repay the loan may result in interest,
penalties, and legal proceedings. The terms of the vehicle purchase obligation will be detailed in the
loan agreement between the customer and the company if and when such an agreement is signed.
7.3. The monthly repayment calculation displayed on the website is for simulation purposes only. It
does not bind Autoart Group and/or its subsidiaries or any other entity. They shall not be liable for
any consequences or damages related to using or relying on the monthly repayment calculation.
7.4. The monthly repayment calculation and/or vehicle price displayed on the website do not
constitute an offer to be relied upon. All prices and/or price publications are subject to the signing of the actual vehicle purchase agreement, which shall prevail over any publication and/or presentation
of costs in any media and/or advertisement.
7.5. The monthly repayment refers to the financing with interest derived from the prime interest
rate, according to the relevant path chosen by the company (hereinafter: "the financing" and/or "the
7.6. The calculation does not consider changes in interest and related payments (such as license
fees, funding bank fees, default interest, etc.).
7.7. The financing will be provided by a bank and/or financing entities on behalf of a third party
specializing in such transactions (hereinafter: "the funding entity"). The loan, if approved, will be
subject to the approval and agreement of the funding entity and according to its terms and the
submission of documents, guarantees, and insurance required to its satisfaction.
7.8. The financing offer is for customers over the age of 21 only.
7.9. The funding entity has the right to determine that the customer will receive financing in an
amount reduced from the amount requested or not at all, specify payment amounts or other
interest, or subject to any additional conditions, and no party shall be obligated that the customer is
entitled to the total amount of financing, financing terms, or at all. If approved, the financing terms
and loan terms shall be those specified in the loan agreement between the funding entity and the
customer only.
7.10. If the financing is approved, the advance payment will be paid directly to Autoart Group upon
signing the vehicle order agreement. The loan will be transferred directly to Autoart Group by the
funding entity.
7.11. Failure to receive the financing from the funding entity for any reason, including cancellation of
the transaction by the customer, Autoart Group shall be entitled to cancel the transaction and offer
the vehicle for sale to another customer. The customer shall bear the costs and implications of
canceling the financing transaction.

8. Cookies:
8.1. The website uses Cookies to collect anonymous information for the ongoing and proper
operation of the website, verifying details, securing data, and customizing the website to your
personal preferences, making it easier for you to use the site.
8.2. In addition, the information collected through Cookies may be used to display advertisements
and offers for products and services of the company when you visit the website and/or other
8.3. Cookies are text files your browser creates when you enter the website, assuming your browser
settings allow it. Some cookies will expire when you close the browser, and others may be stored on
the hard drive. Cookies contain various information, such as the pages you visited on the site, the
duration of your visit, how you arrived at the site, and sections and information you used while
browsing the site.
8.4. Sometimes cookies are used to avoid the need to re-enter your personal details if and where
you are asked to do so on any recurring visit to relevant pages on the site that requires registration
and data entry. The information in the cookie files is encrypted. The company takes precautions to
ensure that only its computers can read and understand the information stored in them.
8.5. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block this option by changing the settings in your
browser. However, you should be aware that blocking this option may prevent you from enjoying
some of the features and services on the website or other websites, depending on your browser
8.6. Also, you can delete cookies from your computer at any time. It is recommended to do so if you
are convinced that you do not want the company's website and the services offered to be adapted
to your preferences.

9. Freedom of Choice and Communication Options:
9.1. We are interested in sending you information about our services and products from time to
time. Such information will be sent to you only if you consent while using the website and/or when
registering for one of its services. In any case, you can withdraw your consent at any time to prevent
further receipt of information. For more information, please get in touch with the website's services.

10. External Links:
10.1. The company does not guarantee that all links ("links") found on the website will be valid and
lead you to an active internet site. The company may remove links previously included in the website
at its sole discretion. The fact that this site contains a link to a specific website does not constitute
approval that the information on that site is complete, reliable, updated, or reliable.
10.2. Without prejudice to the above, the company shall not be liable for any damage, direct or
indirect, caused to you or your purchase as a result of using or relying on the information and
content displayed on websites that you access through or by using or relying on data and content
published on sites by third parties.

11. Miscellaneous:
11.1. These terms of use do not Top of Form

12. Law and Jurisdiction:
12.1. Any use of the website and/or any claim, demand, or request arising from such use and/or any
matter related directly or indirectly to this website shall be governed solely by the laws of the State
of Israel. The place of jurisdiction shall be the competent courts in Tel Aviv, and the substantive and
procedural law applicable shall be Israeli law.

13. Contact:
13.1. For any questions or inquiries, contact the website administration at 09-7733888 or via email at showroom@autoartil.co.il during the website's operating hours.